> David Brad

Software Developer
Javascript Game Dev Enthusiast _

Currently Working On

  • > Tinkering with Raylib in C
  • > Working on more boilerplate changes for Gamedev.js next year

Upcoming Events

    Who am I?

    My name is David Brad, and I'm a developer based out of London, Ontario, Canada.

    What do I do?

    In my professional life, I am currently a full stack web developer working with a Microsoft heavy stack (C#, .NET Core, Azure Cloud Hosting, Azure Functions, etc.)

    In my personal time I am a father, gamer, weight training nerd, and amateur game developer.

    What information can you find here?

    The current goal of this site is to provide myself a platform to compile information and post-mortems on some of the side projects I have dabbled on over the years.

    Down the road I may also write short tutorials on HTML5 / ES6+ / TypeScript game development concepts.